Ultimate Tinymce Pro Changelog

Ultimate Tinymce PRO Changelog

Version: 9.2
Date of Release: 01-15-2014

New Features:

  • Added option inside widgets created with the widget builder; which will allow/disallow other plugins adding their content to these widgets.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated Widget Builder code.
  • Updated licensing code; added a few additional notice messages.
9.1 Date of Release: 10/16/2013
New Features:

  • Set which user role will have access to the Ultimate Tinymce Pro editor. All other roles will be presented with the basic WordPress default editor.
  • Control how many post and page revisions are stored in the database. By default, WP will store an unlimited amount. This can get into the thousands very quickly, eating up valuable database resources. Limit the quantity with this new feature.
  • Added option to delete all post/page revisions stored in the database.
  • Hide selected pages from Pages->Edit list of pages.
  • Hide selected posts from Posts->Edit list of posts.


  • Changed license key input fields to asterisks (instead of actual user data).
  • Added new input field to Widget Builder add->widget screen: now allows a widget title for admin reference, and a widget title for front-end display.
  • Updated the option for turning on/off the wpautop() function. This can now be controlled on a per post/page/custom post type basis.
  • Added help image icons to each plugin option in the settings page. This icon will link to the corresponding option on the Ultimate Tinymce Wiki Page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed cookie holding active tab state.
8.0.1 Date of Release: 09-07-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced various aspects of the licensing process.
  • Fixed issue with “Clear Div” buttons causing editor to break.
8.0 Date of Release: 09-01-2013New Features

  • Post Status Highlighting. Choose a highlight color for each posts status in the admin panel (draft, published, private, etc.)
  • Plugin Licensing and Activation System.
7.8 Date of Release: 08-22-2013Tweaks

  • Re-wrote code to call addon files dynamically. This means, only the files for buttons active in the editor will be loaded. All other addon files will not be added to the editor (as was the case before). This makes for a much ‘cleaner’ editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with language strings not displaying correctly in popout messages.
7.7Date of Release: 07-10-2013New Features

  • Option for changing the default post title when adding a new post/page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with Admin Bar links.
  • Fixed bug with new PHP 5.4 warnings, similar to “Creating array from an empty object”.
7.6Date of Release: 06-17-2013Main Additions

  • Custom User Settings – Now, everyone can have their own custom arrangement of buttons!
  • Tweaked QR Codes so now custom titles and content may be used on a per post/page basis. A new metabox is available on each post/page when the QR option is active; enter a custom title or content here.
  • Separated settings page into two pages; an “Admin” page, and a “User Specific” page. Some of the plugin options can now be stored on a per user basis. Also, Administrators may choose which user level to allow access to the “User Specific” settings page.

New Features

  • Extended the Widget Builder so “widgets” can now be inserted into posts/pages. A great way to store commonly used “templates”.
  • Created new QR Code Widget. Now, QR Codes can be used in widget areas too.
  • A role selector for users who are allowed to access the Custom User Setttings.
  • A role selector for users who are allowed to access the Widget Builder.


  • Added a “Help” tab sub-menu page to the UTMCE Pro admin page.
7.5Date of Release: 05-15-2013Main Additions

New Features

  • CCL button for easily inserting Creative Commons Licenses.
  • SoundCloud button for easily embedding SoundCloud files and content.
  • New option for always defaulting to “visual” view in content editor.
  • Added a plugin tour. Tour can be restarted from the plugins settings page.


  • The codemagic plugin (thanks @bsy-web!) has been updated to better keep spacing of code when inserting back into the content editor.
  • The YouTube plugin has been updated to fix a bug when setting the additional parameters.
  • Moved the settings page from under the “Settings” tab; and made it a top level menu item named “UTMCE Pro”.
7.4Date of Release: 03-15-2013Tweaks

  • The pop-up help files have been removed from the plugin. They have been moved to the Ultimate Tinymce Official Website. This has reduced the plugins file size by half.
  • The “Scroll to Top” javascript arrow on the admin settings page has been removed, as it was interfering with some installations where the left menu extended down off the bottom of the page.
  • Adjusted all addon .php files back to .htm files. I originally did this to increase the backwards compatibility. However, I have found it creates more issues than advantages. I have decided it is much better to remain updated and secure, than to attempt supporting backwards compatibility.
7.3Date of Release: 02-25-2013New Features

  • Added option for customizing the QR Code title, when display in posts/pages.
  • Added a new metabox on the post/page editor screen, named “Ultimate Tinymce PRO”. This box has an option where the QR Code can be added on a per post/page basis. No longer is it set to ALL posts or ALL pages. Now, you can select the individual post/pages you would like to display the QR Code (#1367, #914).


  • Adjusted opacity of tinymce buttons when they are in an inactive state.

Bug Fixes:

  • Changed “HTML” to “TEXT” in the wording of the options.
  • Fixed “TEXT” tab being hidden; when option is selected; on a new post or page (#1401).
7.2.1Date of Release: 02-02-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple issues with “session start” amd “headers already sent” warning messages.
  • Fixed Shortcodes button not displaying shortcodes properly.
  • Fixed issues with some windows not loading properly.
7.2Date of Release: 02-01-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Increased Compatibility with other plugins (#10, #382).
  • “Cannot modify header” messages while using some of the buttons (#1163, #1402, #1421, #1427, #1440, #1458).
  • Unstable dragging of icons in containers due to error in jQuery UI 1.9.1 and above.
  • Google Fonts Addon: “Array” displaying in font names.
  • Latin Extended compatibility for Google Fonts Addon (#1450).
  • Plugin Loading issues related to JS (#1242, #382, #1401).
  • Optimized tooltip functionality and removed title attributes when tooltips are off.
  • Overall improvements to main JS scripts related to optimization and loading.

New Features:

  • After extensive rewrite of the plugin styles and JS script, improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 and 9, with the exception of a few features, such as Debug Mode, Insert/Edit Image, etc. (#1401)
7.1.4Date of Release: 01-18-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues where some plugins (and themes) buttons were not showing up properly.
7.1.3Date of Release: 01-09-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple IE errors.
  • Fixed IE quicktags errors.
  • Fixed IE “uncaught” and “undefined” errors.
7.1.2Date of Release: 01-08-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Removed Google Maps feature since it was breaking some installations. I will replace this with a better addon.
7.1.1Date of Release: 01-06-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with plugin not displaying the content editor in Internet Explorer browsers.
7.1.0Date of Release: 01-04-2013Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error when loading image mapping from webkit browsers.
  • Fixed signoff shortcode not displaying.


  • Adjusted tinymce file to use WP\’s version. This means, there will no longer be incompatibility should WP choose to change the file again.
  • Because of the item above; all addon files had to be changed from .html to .php. VERY labor intensive.. so please report any errors.

New Features:

  • SimpleLinks now makes it easier to add linked textual content. Simply enter the text and the link url.. and this addon will do the rest.
  • Google Maps. Now, easily insert and embed Google Maps into your projects. Useful for displaying business landmarks, traveling stops, and vacation trails.
  • P and BR buttons. I have included two new buttons (p and br) into the visual editor. I have also included them, by default, into the text editor (the text side buttons can be disabled via options). These two buttons can be used to insert p and br tags; without them being “mangeled” by the WP editor.

Removed Options:

  • Removed the Image Manager addon. It is still not working across all installations. Will require further testing.
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